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Amity AC Basketball


Amity AC Basketball offers multiple levels of play.

We have:
  - Instruction classes for Kindergarten thru 2nd graders (8 Saturday sessions starting early January).
       - Classes are taught by the Berks Basketball Association (BBA).

  - Local Rec leagues that play in DB schools for players in 2nd thru 6th grades (boys) and 2nd thru 4th grade (girls).

  - Girls Rec team (5th and 6th grades combined) that play other area Rec teams (will be some travel to other schools)
       - games are usually on weekends.

  - Travel teams for Boys in 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grades, Girls for 5th and 6th grades (4th graders are eligible).

  - Jr. and Sr. High School Rec league that play in the Wilson/Mifflin league (7th-9th and 10th-12th grades).
       - usually for players that do not play for their school teams.
       - Open gyms and practices will be on Sunday mornings before the season, and Tuesday or Thursday
         during the season.  Games on Saturday & Sunday.

We start registration in September. Travel tryouts and practices start in November.  Games typically start in January.

The local rec leagues are based on how many players we have per grade (some will be combined).

We welcome members from outside of the DB School District, if they do not have a basketball program.